Delaware Continuing Education

I’m so excited to be teaching continuing education for the first time for myself! I’ve taught at Dawn Training Center, but this seems very different to me.

My course: Foot Reflexology/Massage East Meets West

Approved by the Delaware Board of Massage for 8 Core Hours.

This course will be foot reflexology with a twist. The twist is, in addition to the usual working of the systems of the body through the foot, I am also going to be focusing on tendon attachments and how we can help relieve foot pain by releasing the muscles of the lower leg that are attached to those tendons.

Most people don’t know that foot reflexology was my first love. It was my gateway drug into massage! My first course (before massage school) was at Our Lady of Lourdes Wellness Center for Foot Reflexology. Even before my reflexology class, it was my hobby. While still in high school I bought my first reflexology book and started practicing on my family.

I will be teaching this course throughout the year. As all Delaware Therapists and Technicians know, 2016 is the year everyone has to renew their Licenses and Certificates.

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